About Us

Innovative solutions to help your business thrive…

Emergent 121 Consulting was born to help businesses work through internal issues that might be preventing them from growing and thriving in an ever-changing market.  We understand that day-to-day operations can consume your attention and sometimes prohibit business owners and managers from taking a look at the bigger picture.  Potential growth opportunities might be missed.  Employees might be placed in positions that aren’t optimal.  Processes and procedures could be outdated and causing a slow down in productivity.  But who has the time to figure it all out?  That’s where we come in. 

We bring our 25 years of experience and couple it with a love for understanding people, and how they operate, to deliver unprecedented results to our clients.  Ultimately, you know your business more than anyone.   We'll work together with you, as true partners, to help you attain goals that reach beyond what you can imagine alone.     

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