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How It Works

Every effective plan requires a process. Our three-phased approach allows us to examine the underlying issues facing your business and tackle them head-on in an organized and effective manner.


Determining the best action plan requires a thorough understanding of key issues your company might be facing.  If you own or manage a business, it might be difficult to discover potential opportunities while you are busy “in the trenches” or constantly “putting out fires”.  During the strategy and innovation phase, we do just that.  We work with key members of your team to determine our areas of focus, define and differentiate possible opportunities, conduct our initial market analysis, and lay the foundation for our plan.


Business development plays a crucial role in the launch and long-term viability of any new business line or company initiative.  Taking a deeper look into the competitive landscape, and conducting advanced sector assessments, allows us to create the best plan of action.  As we develop a strategy together, we help you understand the implications of every choice made.  Once all of our research has been conducted and the details of our plan are mapped out, we will help you make the connections you need to thrive.


We understand that in this competitive and fast-paced world, we must be nimble.  Optimizing and refining our plan helps us determine what is working and what isn’t, in real-time.  During this phase, we look at how the systems, processes, and tools within your organization are being utilized.  We evaluate the effectiveness of what is in place, assess the need for improvements, and implement only what is required.  Additionally, we look at your most valuable resource – your people.  The foundation of every organization’s success, we help you strengthen and align the team you have today while preparing for the team you’ll need tomorrow.

Emergent 1:1 Consulting is a Certified Partner of The Predictive Index, the world’s leading talent optimization platform. Contact us to learn more.

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